Kart classes


Introducing for 2018, the Predator Class!!!
A great class to get started in!

1) Box stock out of the box, Harbor Freight item #60363 or #69730 (Hemi allowed as well as older model Hemi, #60363)

2) You may remove the gas tank and go with the floor model fuel tank with fuel pump  (Pulse off the Valve cover)

3) Add top plate and throttle linkage (if removing tank)

4) Stock air cleaner - NO MODIFICATIONS

5) Stock flywheel with stock key installed - NO MODIFICATIONS

6) 5000 RPM rule which means Governor stays in tact

7) Stock exhaust - NO MODIFICATIONS

8) Carb is stock as factory - NO MODIFICATIONS  (Including Stock Jets - NO DRILLING)

9) Add chain guard (Big Bertha Preferred)

10) No aftermarket flywheels


12) Open drum clutch

13) Burris tires only

14) Full Body - Driver Fairing Allowed

15) Weight 350 lbs.  (400 lbs. class will be considered based off of the current kart count)

16) $125.00 claimer rule $25.00 to the series, if no series then $25 goes to track

16A) Refusal is automatic 1 race suspension, and forfeit of nights payout/award, No Refund

16B) Second refusal is season suspension.

17)  Age 12 and up.


Any Modification at all must run the 'Yankee' class



Solt Speedway would not be Solt Speedway without the iconic ‘Open’ class. The Jerry Solt legacy was built upon this unruly class with one’s imagination being the only restriction to the design & power of the kart.

Racing Format - Vintage format of racing the fastest from the back. The day will begin with qualifying, 1 heat race followed by a feature. Unlike a traditional race, bragging rights & honor will go to the hard charger who can defy the odds from the back of the pack. Sandbagging will only be for the faint of heart.

  • Age - 15 years and up.
  • No Weight Rule
  • Open Kart Tire Rule
  • No Noses (No body nose/ Side panels acceptable)

Yankees Logo.PNG
  • Ages 13 & up
  • Stock Appearing Engine (Clones, Animals, LO206, Predator, Flathead)
    • Stage 1 Modifications (Air Cleaner, Fuel Pump, Pipe)
  • Must be pull started with a standard rope starter.
  • Open - Kart Tire Rule

Spec Logo 1.PNG

LO 206

The 206 by Briggs & Stratton is intended to simplify racing, From hitting the track to the tech process needed to ensure a level playing field at the end of the day in combination with Briggs & Stratton Racing’s slide restriction system, a complete racing ladder can be developed by simply changing a carburetor slide and/or by a slide and ignition change. With the base engine the basis for today’s ‘box stock’ classifications, the 206 engine gives racer’s and tracks the ability to have one engine, from start to finish.

Simply put, families can invest into one engine and have it carry them through different age groups for several years and still be competitive. The engine requires little attention as it mainly needs maintenance only. It is a great package for families looking to get into the sport.


  • Strict tire, weight, fuel, and other rules will be applied and enforced to restrict cost as much as possible.

    • AKRA rule package applies with a 33A Burris tire rule.  (Track Rule) Right side tires must be used the entire day of racing.

  • Racing Format - Traditional format (2 heat races and a feature)

  • Age - 13 years and up.

  • AKRA Rule Package

  • Racing Format - Traditional format (2 heat races and a feature)

  • Age - 13 years and up.

Designed for the up and coming racers, this class is a great place to get your children into racing. This class also allows for the combining of multiple engine/weight packages;.  

  • Flathead, Purple Restrictor Plate, 250 lbs 
  • Clone, Green Restrictor Plate, 260 lbs, Drum Clutch / Small Pipe
  • Animal, Purple Restrictor Plate, 280 lbs.
  • 602, .500 Restrictor, 280 lbs., LO206 Carb Lock, RLV  Pipe (#5507), 'Red' Slide (#555733)

Junior3 Logo.PNG

And the children will play. This class also allows for the combining of multiple engine/weight packages;.  Ages 10-14

  • Flathead - Gold Restrictor Plate, 290 lbs 
  • Clone - Blue Restrictor Plate, 310 lbs, Open Pipe & Clutch
  • Animal - Gold Restrictor Plate, 325 lbs.
  • 206 - To be announced.